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Have you seen CTV lately?  CTV now offers 39 channels with 9 of them being high definition.  If you haven't seen us lately, come back and take a good look!  CTV offers the channels listed below for a low cost of $8.00 per month, which can be added to your electric bill. Visit our website at

How simple is that - no extra bill to pay and great high definition TV viewing.

January 2018: UHF Channels 12.4 and 12.5 at the Godahl Tower have always been licensed channels owned by KEYC-TV. For many years KEYC was leasing space on CTV's Godahl Tower, allowing viewers access to their signal. This lease agreement has been terminated due to the lack of both parties coming to an agreement. VHF Channels 12.1 and 12.2 continue to be available from the KEYC-TV Lewisville Tower.

April 2018: If you receive CTV service from the Godahl Tower, you cannot receive the WCCO (CBS) signal. CBS no longer allows CTV to retransmit CBS network programming on WCCO at the Godahl Tower. CBS's technical limitations and inability to reach a mutually agreeable resolution with the necessary parties requires CTV to discontinue WCCO (CBS) on the Godahl Tower. If you are among those viewers, CBS programming may still be seen on KEYC VHF Channel 12.1. Channel 12.1 is the only CBS option for the forseeable future. If you are unable to receive Channel 12.1, contact your local antenna service provider.





Local Godahl and Frost Tower

2.1 TPT                         Twin Cities PBS

2.2 TPT MN                   Minnesota Public TV

2.3 TPT Life

2.4 TPT WX                   Weather

4.1 WCCO 4                  Minneapolis CBS

5.1 KSTP                       Minneapolis ABC

5.2 KSTC                       Independent

5.3 MeTV                      Television Classics

5.4 Antenna TV             Television Classics

5.6 ThisTV                    MGM Movies

5.7 H&I                         Heroes & Icons

9.1 KMSP                      Minneapolis FOX

9.2 WFTC 29                 Minneapolis UPN

9.3 Movies TV               Classic Movies

9.4 Bounce                    African American (Godahl)

9.9 KMSP                      Minneapolis FOX

11.4 KARE                    Twin Cities NBC

11.5 KARE WX               24-hour weather

11.6 Justice                  Crime, investigation & safety

12.1 KEYC                    Mankato CBS

12.2 FOX                      Mankato FOX

12.4 KEYC                    Mankato CBS

12.5 FOX                      Mankato FOX

16.1 CTV                      local access & weather 

16.2 Tuff TV                 Sports, hunting, movies

16.3 Heartland              Country music & lifestyle

16.4 AMGTV                 Old movies, home life, travel,

16.5 BizTV                    Small business shows & news

20.1 Pursuit TV             Outdoor recreation

23.1 WUCW 23              The CW Twin Cities

23.2 getTV                   Creative Digital

23.3 GRIT                     Charge TV - Action / Adventure

24.1 Rev’n                    Cars, boats, snowmobiles

31.1 Retro                    Old shows

35.1 Blue Hwys            Bluegrass, folk, gospel 

40.1YouToo                 Social Television     

41.1 ION TV                 TV shows & movies

41.2 QUBO                   Kids’ programming

41.3 ION Life                Wellness shows

41.4 SHOP                   Products for sale

41.5 QVCH                   Home Shopping

 41.6 HSN                     Home Shopping Network

45.1 Trinity                  Religious

45.2                             Church Channel

45.3 Smile of a Child    Religious for kids

45.4 Juce TV                 Religious young adults, music

45.5 Enlace                   Spanish 




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